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20 minutes left. Freaking out a bit. I’m sorry for posting so much. I just… Need an outlet.


Olivia Rae James
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drives + dreams.
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Getting really nervous

What if he doesn’t get to call me tonight…?

There’s still about 50 minutes left. Can’t freak out now.


Magical ✨
iPhone snap - Disneyland Paris August 2014
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It’s easy to stand in the sunlight but harder to stand in the pouring rain. Each of us, a wildflower, have to stand in the pouring rain at times. It is then that we long for Eden. We remember beauty and we strive for joy. Let this be a reminder of grace and of the unique beauty you have been clothed with // THE WLDFLWR
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Hello, my name is Lauren Nicole Tims.
I enjoy many things, music and makeup being two.
I am in love with an Airman who is away for Basic Training currently.
I struggle with my emotions quite often, so you'll have to bare with me.
The one emotion I have no struggle with, though, is that which I use to love.
I can be a bit complicated, and so I am thankful for those who choose to share their lives with me.
Basically, I am me and I always will be.
So how do you do?